Mike has been working with my son for a while and I can’t recommend him highly enough. He is so easy to get along with, friendly and approachable which is exactly what my son needs. He works around his limitations but still somehow manages to push him. He has provided the knowledge and motivated to ensure Daiton gets the best progress towards his goals. Sessions are focused and targeted. Am very happy with the progress my son has made to-date, he certainly couldn’t have done it without Mike’s expertise and guidance

Really supportive and motivating for my mum during all her sessions which helped a lot as she lost lots of confidence with the stroke

Mike has helped me achieve my goals so fare and I love our sessions, he makes them challenging but rewarding. I would highly recommend him as your personal trainer and health goals

Honestly Michael I can’t thank you enough for getting me moving and training . Michael planned my sessions, gave me very honest advice and welcomed me to the J7 family. I feel better after sessions and I will definitely carry on with him as my PT. Can’t recommend him or J7 enough .

I done 10 block sessions with Mike and I swear the difference in my overall fitness is immense I couldn’t do boxing for longer than 3 mins without wanting to give up , I couldn’t even do a push up but after completing the block sessions with Mike he didn’t let me give up, he pushed me and kept me going I can now do cardio for a lot longer, I have the strength to push out them press ups, Mike is friendly dedicated to his clients and I would 100% recommend him to everyone Thanks matey ✌🏼

I’ve seen a massive difference in my lad since he’s been doing the sessions. His confidence has grown and seeing this in him, to me makes me so happy. I highly recommend and so proud of everything they continue to work on and achieve


I’ve been coming to Mike since July and he’s helped me not only set and hit my fitness goals but work on my confidence and social skills which for me are just as important. I’m always made to feel welcome when I step through the door and can rely on Mike and the other employees to big me up.

Had some great training sessions with Michael and it was fantastic, he is extremely supportive and encourage me to work hard, even when I thought I could not do it. He is so professional and gave me a lot more confidence to push on. I am now starting a 8 week weight management program and looking forward to the results! Highly recommend. Thanks Michael :)

The best fitness and rehabilitation training I’ve experienced, Michael takes a holistic view of your abilities and always constantly encourages you throughout the exercise his experience and knowledge is second to none.

My son Tom started training with Mike today at J7 community health centre and seemed to really enjoy it .A fully all inclusive gym where no one treats anyone any differently to anyone else ,as a mum to a young man with learning disabilities and Autism that means the world to us both ,Thankyou

Wow what can I say these guys are awesome they always motivate me to go the extra mile in training I wouldn’t be were I am today without these guys pushing me… thanks

You really are a true gem hongy thank you for always believing in me when I don’t believe in myself. Always pushing me that bit further constantly I am so grateful for you! Always pushing me to the limit. I’m difficult at times to deal with and you never let it get in the way! So professional with your job, we have the best banter but your truly are amazing thank you for everything

Mike has been training me alongside two of his colleagues and has done some amazing work with me while we also have a laugh.

I have been a client of Mike’s and the rest of the J7 staff for two years now and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. He’s approachable, very friendly, full of energy and an absolute joy to train with. He’s never pushed me beyond my limits but that being said, he’s never afraid to challenge me. His faith and belief in me rebounds and I feel it too. I give 110% every session and always come away feeling proud of myself. Training with him is always a highlight of my week and I’d recommend everyone to train with him.

Love the physio sessions!! I have a c2/c5 injury quadriplegic and Michael’s helped me reach goals I couldn’t imagine I’d be able to make!! I’m So thankful & grateful for his physio sessions!! Everyone needs a trainer like him!

I’ve trained with Michael for a few months now and he’s one of the best, he knows and understands my strengths and weaknesses but still pushes me to what I thought I couldn’t do but I actually can.

Mike is a great motivator, I went at a difficult time in my life and he has that ability to cut the sh** and make you focus. It’s really improved my mobility already, and I’m seeing the benefits of my workouts which I thought would take ages, not with Our Mike!

I have known hongy now for 2 years and he has always been friendly and welcoming towards us. He will push us both when we don’t feel like we can reach our limit he will encourage us to do our best. My daughter has recently started PTs with him and she is loving it, he has adapted it for her in a way that makes it enjoyable and to suit her needs. Definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to get fitter and improve their lifestyle.

Absolute gem . Very professional and dedicated to individual needs. It’s been a hard working journey for sure, and I am so glad you’ve kept pushing me. Appreciate how difficult I can be and you’ve never let that get in the way of the sessions. Really enjoyed the sessions and cannot recommend you enough. Thanks so much lovely! X

Completed my first full month of 3 sessions a week and I have to say I feel better for it! Every session I tell Mike I hate him but he is great at what he does! (he knows I love him really!) He’s been so patient and accommodating of my needs as a very overweight and anxious person. Looking forward to the next session!

Excellent he has helped me get better after my surgery when physio had done nothing to help michael the sensai has been fantastic helping me work on upper strength also gradually helping improve my lower strength while recovering from surgery.

My son attends J7 gym and started joining the half term sessions that Mike put on for high school children. He loved it. Mike focuses on what engages the children at that age, ensures there is variety and keeps the children motivated throughout the session. 

I have really enjoyed the holiday camp with Hongi. He makes the sessions challenging but fun. Hongi always incorporate activities that we all enjoy as well and he is really funny too! I’m looking forward to the next holiday camp. Thank you Hongi  

I used to very lazy going to the gym not until I sighed up for one to one with Michael, am now confident. Very friendly team. Thanks 

My daughter works with Mike on a Tuesday after school ! She loves working with him as he does challenges with her that help her sensory needs ! Mike is so patient and friendly with her :) If she is not well or struggling Mike always txts to see how she is ! I’d definitely recommend Mike for any personal training of any sort ! 

Mike is an amazing 1-1 coach! Kai started training with him last summer and his results just speaks for itself. They make a fab team Kai initially didn’t want to go but now his whole mindset has changed thanks to Mike! His confidence has grew and he actually asks now when his next session is. Thank you Mike, we couldn’t of done it without you. Amazing gym and team  

To be honest…. I’ve really grown more confident in myself and my physical health, Mikes not only just given me courage to focus on myself but also the uplift and determination to prove to myself I am capable to achieve my fitness/life goals! ! ! ! Nothing but a MASSIVE THANK YOU I APPRECIATE YOUR HELP VERY MUCH! 

Starting my training with Mike was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2022. I have just finished a 10 sessions block and I have already lost weight, and I feel much stronger and more focused. Mike is very kind and supportive. He has kept me motivated and pushes hard to get me into the best shape I can be. Every session is intense and demanding but always rewarding. After a short period of training with Mike, I am already beginning to see the fruits of my efforts, and so I have no reluctance whatsoever about signing up with him as a long-term coach. Can’t wait to start our new workout plan next week!! 

I’ve been going to the gym for a few months before starting PT sessions with Michael and it is well worth it. I’ve always been on the more feeble side but after these 1st 10 sessions I’m definitely feeling stronger and can see improvements. I’ve definitely been pushed to try harder than I would’ve been able to manage alone. 

Great work out again today pushes me and changes things to my abilities. 

Had a great first session with Mike today! Looking forward to my next session already expecting to be put through my paces! Everyone is so welcoming and it is really refreshing to finally find a gym that is accessible and can adapt to your needs! Can’t wait to carry on my journey with J7! 

Brilliant coach! Pushes you to your limits and makes you realise you can do anything you put your mind too! Micheal adapts exercises I find difficult and encouraging me to keep going, even when it’s hard work. Would highly recommend! 

I have just finished my first couple of sessions with Mike and I’m so glad he pushed me to do them. He puts up with my moaning & my “I can’t do it” attitude and constantly tells me how I can! He listens to what you want to work on & adapts each session to that. I’m starting to feel so much stronger so thanks again Mike! 

I followed Michael for a while on Instagram before making my decision to train with him. Couldn’t ask for a more encouraging person with a genuine passion for what he does. Every session is different so you never get bored. Such a great atmosphere from the moment you step foot in the gym, to the second you leave. It’s all all love from all of the team. Highly recommend. 

Mike is a fantastic personal trainer! For the first time in a long time I feel like I’m looking after myself properly, thanks to his nutrition and hard work he puts in with me in every session, I’ve lost weight, built muscle and feel so much healthier and happier within myself, he always pushes me to give my best, and the results are showing, He’s been a great support in my journey and always there to give me advice if needed, can’t wait to see what the next few months hold.. thank you again Mike :) 

Michael is a great guy really helpful and fun to train with no judgement just positive attitude and feedback. 

I was so nervous at the start but Michael and all his colleagues are so welcoming on every occasion you visit, It doesn’t matter who you are or your level! I have never had a PT before but already after only 1 course of 10 sessions I can see and feel a difference. Michael is a fantastic motivator’ changes the programme every session so its not boring and never makes you feel silly for struggling Michael just keeps me going and I get a great buzz off my achievements and he helps me laugh at my struggles! I never realised just how much i could enjoy getting fitter!! 

After contacting Mike to start a 4 week program before a upcoming holiday, I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Not only did I loose more than my goal target in those 4 weeks, I have built confidence, strength and a passion for working out in such a short space of time. Mike is a fantastic PT, encouraging, supportive and 100% motivating especially on days when I’m lacking! I have continued to train with Mike and always look forward to every session and I can’t thank him enough for how hard he works and the confidence to train he has gave me, Thank you 

What a fantastic gem of a find! This Gym caters for everyone no matter what your level of ability. Michael is excellent as a 1 to 1 coach. He has patients and tolerance to deal with those of us that are slightly shall we say less enthusiastic about exercise. The environment is such that you do not feel overwhelmed which is one of the things I noticed on entering the gym for the first time. All round great experience. Thanks to Michael 

Where do i start…I have been training with Mike for 9months and it is the best thing i have done since my accident. I’ve had help from physios but didn’t feel no improvement at all, from the first day i started with Mike i have enjoyed every minute of it, he motivates me, always positive and good at his job. I never want to miss any sessions i enjoy them that much. I struggle with my right side i had very limited range of movement, within the last 9 months i can now raise my left arm above my head and can now reach the top cupboard in my house. I can’t thank Mike enough for his hard work he has put into my sessions to giving me confidence within myself, self independent and my mental health. Thank you again Mike 

 I’ve been training with Mike for just over a month now and couldn’t be happier with my progress so far. After not training or lifting weights for many years I am now regaining my strength and confidence. Mike has been so supportive and encouraging throughout. I am Really excited to continue training and Working towards my goals. I couldn’t recommend training with Mike enough!!! 

I’m coming to the end of my second block of sessions with hongy and already can’t wait to continue. He puts up with my constant moaning and when I tell him I can’t do something he knows to push me to do it. Hongy will always adapts sessions to suit my ability and whilst pushing me to my limits it’s always enjoyable. I love having a Pt session because it helps me focus and get the results I want. Since starting with hongy my body shape has changed so much and my strength is at its best. Thankyou 

I’ve been with Hongy for 3 months, and I can honestly say it’s the best thing Ive done, I was nervous at first, I wasn’t feeling confident with my weight and appearance, so stepping into the gym was very nerve wracking, but Hongy was so nice, he pushes me (a lot) but he gets me to realise I can actually do it! I have seen big improvements, people have noticed And given me positive comments, it’s boosted my self esteem and confidence, and Hongy has really been the driving force I need to push me to achieve, he is the best! The gym J7 is so good such a community feel everyone is so nice, NO-ONE looks at your size or ability, they just respect you for just being there! I have a long way to go but I will be sticking with Hongy to help me achieve my goals! 

Started my PT sessions last year, then as it became winter and I gave up. It’s so easy to fall in that trap in the cold and wet weather. I went back today, and it felt like I’ve never left. I was so welcomed by everyone. It felt so good to be back, the first session is always the hardest but I loved it. Back on my journey now and ready to smash my goals! 

2.months into my pts, and I’m feeling better and more confident then I have felt in a long time. I had a gym membership at a commercial gym but never used it embarrassed to go and felt like everyone would be watching me. When I started I couldn’t do any press ups and was seriously unfit, hongy pushed me and pushed out of my comfort zone and made me believe in myself again. I just want to say thank you for pushing me and believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. 

I’ve been with Mike now for 6 weeks. I knew I was overweight and unhappy about that but stuck yo-yo dieting and stop starting running was getting me absolutely nowhere. I joined knowing I was ready to work and it’s a good job because every single session is HARD. At first I could barely finish a small circuit and in 6 weeks the change is incredible. Not only can you now start to see the physical changes, the main benefit for me is how I feel. I feel fitter, and healthier and this is just the start. I’ve been pushed out of all my comfort zones which has made me a lot more confident to join in classes or do workouts I usually would feel embarrassed or Incapable of doing. He has always been honest, firm and an incredible support whether it be a question about food, or workouts he’s always there to help. I don’t dread going to the gym anymore. it’s made me want to eat better, choose better and do better. Can’t wait to see more results and I know I’ll be smashing all the goals I’ve set in no time. 

2 months into my PTs and I have found the confidence I have been lacking for absolute years! Hongy pushes me to limits that I never even knew I had and has most definitely took me out of every comfort zone I had!. He makes sure I give 1000% each session. Not only is he supportive and pushy in the gym he’s there 24/7 supporting and helping with diet and cravings and just when generally struggling on shit days. Close to reaching distance for my goals and I really couldn’t of done this without him.